Capture ideas and simplify your tasks with Quickpaste!

Save, Organize, Clip Text and Notes

QuickPaste is a free and lightweight Chrome extension that simplifies your copy-pasting experience by providing a quick and easy way to save and access frequently used snippets of text.

How it works

Once installed, QuickPaste adds a context menu option to Chrome that allows you to save any selected text to your QuickPaste library.

Screen Capture 1

You can then quickly access your saved snippets at any time by clicking the QuickPaste icon in your browser's toolbar or by pressing CTRL+Q or Command+Q.

Screen Capture 2

You can also go into your QuickPaste Collections page and see all of your snippets, and choose what you want to keep and what you want to delete.

Screen Capture 3

Benefits of using QuickPaste

Saves a lot of time

With QuickPaste, you can quickly access and paste frequently used snippets of text without having to type them out manually every time.

Increased productivity

By simplifying the copy-pasting process, QuickPaste helps you take notes and save text clips on the go.

Improved accuracy

QuickPaste eliminates the risk of making errors or typos while manually retyping frequently used text.

Streamlined workflow

By providing an easy way to save and access text snippets, QuickPaste helps you work more efficiently and effectively.

Experience the benefits of streamlined copy-pasting

Version 1.0 features:

  • Hotkey "CTRL+Q" or "Command+Q"
  • Notifications On/OFF option
  • Button for redirection to the URL of text source
  • Preserves selected paragraphs where possible
  • if paragraph is too long, shows "View More..." in popup and redirects to collections when clicked
  • "Select All"/"Deselect All" Button
  • "Delete Selected" Button
  • Delete individual entry from popup

Some ideas to implement in the future are:

  • Dark Mode
  • If popup is open a clip is copied, refresh the popup
  • Add Time stamp when saving a text clip
  • Add a text box to paste your external text from computer clipboard
  • Export selected text clips to a file

Inspiration behind the project

I created QuickPaste because I was tired of repeatedly copying and pasting blocks of text from one Chrome Tab to another tab, just to take some notes. In order to simplify this procedure for myself and others, to save time and effort, I came up with QuickPaste.

I hope that people will find this little effort helpful so that I may continue to improve it.

For any other ideas or information, contact me here, by filling the form, or by email.